Accountant’s CRM Use Just Doesn’t Add Up

If you don’t really know what CRM (Customer Relationship Management) stands for or what it does exactly, don’t worry because you’re not alone. In fact, take a look at this blog by high technology marketing expert John Ryan, Accountant’s CRM Use Just Doesn’t Add Up. You’ll see that CPAs have been one of the last professional services fields to see the value of customer relationship management tools.

Research shows that many accounting firms try to make due with existing software such as CCH Practice Management or Outlook to manage their customer relationships. While these tools are great for their intended purposes of storing contact information and  e-mail respectively, they were never designed to be an effective relationship management solution.

As a  professional services provider, you are in the relationship business. That’s why Templeton Consulting designed CRM for Professionals, a client relationship management system for CPA firms, just for you. We understand your success depends entirely on how you attract, develop, and  retain client relationships.

As a division of Templeton & Company, south Florida’s largest CPA firm, our team has decades  of accounting and professional services experience. So we not only “get it” – we live and breathe it too.

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