Manufacturing and Distribution

Manufacturers and Distributors’ results are closely tied to their ability to market effectively and run an efficient operation. Demand is driven by cyclical business needs and the health of the economy. Their margins are sometimes razor-thin and without an automated operation, they are working at a disadvantage.

Our experience working in the manufacturing and distribution industries ensures first-rate service that facilitates effective financial reporting for internal management and third parties.

Our Tax Services Group focuses on tax issues affecting manufacturers and distributors, such as inventory valuation methods, uniform capitalization rules, and multi-state and local income and sales tax issues. Our tax experts identify valuable tax planning opportunities that minimize tax burdens, enhance a business’s long-term value, and increase day-to-day profitability.

In addition to traditional audit, accounting, and tax services, we perform a myriad of management support services focused on enhancing shareholder value including:

  • Evaluation of financing alternatives
  • Cost control studies
  • Development of internal management reporting systems
  • Inventory management and control reviews
  • Product and product line profitability analyses
  • Historic/trend analyses
  • Internal control/safeguarding of assets review
  • Effective application of information technology

Automation In Manufacturing & Distribution: Are Job Cuts The Future?

By Rick Schreiber We’re at the onset of the next big industrial revolution—and the widespread adoption of new technologies, including Internet-connected devices, machine learning and robotics in the manufacturing industry. Strides in automation have significantly boosted U.S. manufacturers’ output in recent years, and the industry is just beginning to understand and exploit the full potential […]

PErspective in Manufacturing

A feature examining the role of private equity in the manufacturing sector. The new administration’s pro-economic growth agenda has spurred optimism among the investment community, and most agree the coming year is primed for a healthy cadence of deals. In fact, in a poll BDO conducted in January, 71 percent of fund managers characterized the investment […]

Software Development Produces Significant Tax Benefits for Manufacturers

By Rick Schreiber, Chai Hoang and Chris Bard Last year, over 6,000 manufacturers claimed more than an estimated $10 billion in research tax credits (RTCs), with each manufacturer’s average benefit exceeding $1 million. Generated in part by manufacturers’ efforts to develop new and improved products and processes, these benefits were also generated by their continued […]