High Net Worth Individuals and Families

T&C Family Office Group grew out of the need of our high net worth clients and those with family-owned businesses to work with a team of dedicated and talented professionals who provide traditional accounting and advisory services combined with a unique blend of services tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. We are known for our innovative approach in helping businesses and their owners define, achieve and succeed.

For those families and businesses that first became our clients more than 20 years ago, our personal service, accessibility and accountability were important attributes in wealth building and family planning.  Those attributes are still at our core identity and are responsible for our consistent record of growth.

We can provide a variety of services to meet your individual needs including:

  • Wealth Management and Preservation
  • Governance, Entity Structuring and M&A
  • Personal Accounting & Administration
  • Investigative Services
  • Asset Management & Other Services
  • Compliance & Regulatory Assistance


T&C Family Office GroupFor more information about T&C Family Office Group please visit our website: www.templetonwealth.com


Tax Development Highlights

The following is a summary of the most important tax developments that have occurred in the past three months that may affect you, your family, your investments, and your livelihood. Please call us for more information about any of these developments and what steps you should implement to take advantage of favorable developments and to […]

New 3.8% Medicare Tax on “Unearned” Net Investment Income

High-income taxpayers will be hit with two big tax hikes under the recently enacted health overhaul legislation: a tax increase on wages and a new levy on investments.To help offset the cost of providing health insurance to millions of Americans, the new law imposes an additional 0.9% Medicare tax on wages above $200,000 for individuals […]

What you need to know about the tax provisions in the 2012 American Taxpayer Relief Act

The 2012 American Taxpayer Relief Act, signed into law on Jan. 2, 2013 by President Obama, is a sweeping tax package that addresses the permanent extension of the Bush-era tax cuts for most taxpayers, revises the tax rates on ordinary and capital gain income for high-income individuals, modifies the estate tax, offers permanent relief from […]