Professional Services

In a project-oriented industry, Professional Services Organizations (PSOs), must coordinate team efforts not only among the firm’s team members, but also with its clients. Templeton provides systems that can not only monitor firm activity with each client, but also the billings, and even forecasting of new revenue opportunities with that client. Despite the availability of such systems, many PSOs do not leverage the capabilities.

Critical Issues

Because the main clients of PSOs are corporations, revenues are heavily dependent on corporate spending. Corporate operations and even the regulatory climate have become more complicated than in the past decade, leaving these corporations to seek outside advice from PSOs.

Relationships with clients are a professional services firm’s greatest asset. We understand the need to nurture key client relationships, ensure consistent delivery of client service, and create a dynamic firm culture. CRM for Professionals, based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a powerful tool we have customized and “packaged” for other PSOs to use. This program allows users to track data, centralize valuable client information, manage project workflow and report on marketing and business development activities.

Key Drivers

Two of the biggest key drivers in PSOs include the efficient utilization of expensive labor, and having a regular flow of projects. Training and organizing highly educated and skilled professionals is a challenge, but getting everyone on the same systems that encourage client relationships and increase overall client retention can help foster a sales culture.

As a CPA firm, we understand these challenges. We are happy to share our experience, best practices and answer any questions you may have.

Professional Services Firms Benefit from Templeton & Company

Project management

  • Control contracts, jobs, and projects from initial quote to final billing.
  • Meet scheduled deadlines with a complete and accurate picture of project status.
  • Track and access all information, activities, budgets, costs, and billings.
  • Automate your business processes with reusable templates.

Financial management

  • Reduce the time and effort spent on accounting tasks.
  • Track the true costs of a project.
  • Enter, edit, and approve detailed time and expense transactions when they happen.
  • Report expenses in the field through a Web-based application.
  • Install flexible budgeting processes business-wide.

Employee management

  • Manage teams using Web-based collaboration tools and communication portals.
  • Respond rapidly to employee and management requests with the critical information.
  • Track employee information.
  • Simplify benefits administration.


  • Bill fees accurately.
  • Create predefined fee structures.
  • Tailor billing options and invoice formats to the project.

Reporting and business intelligence

  • Create, update, and modify all required reports and forms.
  • Generate financial statements on a cash or traditional accrual basis.
  • Use flexible scheduling and delivery options to publish reports.