T&C Family Office Group

For more than 20 years, Templeton & Company has provided accounting, tax and advisory services to many of the largest family-run businesses in the United States, including those in real estate and construction, sports franchises, manufacturing and distribution, retail companies and technology industries. The T&C Family Office Group is a natural complement to that suite of services. Our team is highly skilled and devoted to providing elite, personal and responsive family office services tailored to an individual’s or family’s needs.

Templeton Solutions
Templeton Solutions is a division of Templeton & Company devoted to information technology and improving business performance. . Like many of our customers, we have and continue to face the unique challenges that come with scaling a successful business in an ever-changing industry landscape. For the last 8 years, we’ve been on a journey developing technology with a single goal in mind—to help you serve your clients better and be more profitable.

Templeton Solutions serves customers across all industries, providing them with the tools to optimize their resources, improve their cash flow and plan for the future, so they spend less time managing and more time growing their business.

We’ve partnered with the best software partners in the industry to allow us to deliver innovative solutions and success to our clients.